Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, Scott Brown got this one right. 'At least he isn't Ted Kennedy.' (That's a compliment for Scott Brown)

Obama WILL go down as the most incompetent and corrupt President in U.S history. He's a pathological liar and CAN'T be trusted. His Chicago style politics, broken promises and hypocrisy are on display daily. The culture of corruption in the democratic is the worst in history. The only thing 'historical' about the Obama administration is how corrupt and anti-American it is.

The same goes for Nancy Pelosi's congress. Pelosi, who runs most unethical, corrupt and extremely incompetent congress the country has ever seen, has been a total failure since the day she became Speaker of the House. She is way out of touch with the American people and she seems to be mentally disturbed and unfit for the position. Just watch her on YouTube; this woman is nuts..

When you throw in Harry Reid and his awful Senate, it creates the 'perfect storm' for American disaster and that's what we're seeing. This is only the beginning because we really haven't even seen the economic tsunami that is coming down the road. It WILL get worse, it doesn't matter how 'optimistic' people get, because it's going to get a lot worse. We haven't been wrong yet in any of our predictions and this is an easy one.

The people who voted for Barack Obama need to stop living in denial and just admit they screwed up. He's a radical failure and we need to come together and fix the mess he's created. That mess will be far worse than the one Bush left us.


  1. If just some of the kool-aid drinkers took a look at they,re kids and came to realize that someday they have to apologize for voting in these communists and now not just healthcare but rationing of all types food and gas etc, kids i,m sorry we used to have freedom and liberty in this country but there was a president who came along about 20 years ago that changed all that MAYBE WE,LL EAT TOMORROW!