Friday, March 12, 2010

Should Rep. Slaughter Be Expelled From Congress? This Woman is Nuts!

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin called for the expulsion of Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., after she reportedly explored the option of passing Obamacare whereby the House wouldn't have to directly vote on the actual Senate health care bill. "An utter violation of the United States Constitution," Levin proclaimed.

Where are the democrats and even liberals on this one? No member of any party should EVER get away with pulling off something like this! Who would of thought just 10 years ago that we could see these filthy schemes being pulled off in congress today? How do they get away with it?

When you see conservatives trying to remove sellout RINO's from their party like Olympia Snowe, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Graham, Mark Sanford and Susan Collins, you have to wonder why the democrats are not trying to get rid of the people who ruin their party; the Pelosi's, Reid's and Slaughter's.

This woman, like Pelosi, would FAIL a psych test! We should have psych testing for all congress members so we don't have mentally disturbed members like Pelosi, Frank, Slaughter, Massa (gone), Grayson, Boxer, Reid and others using their power and bad judgement to destroy this country.


  1. Mark Levin is absolutely correct. We are seeing the manifestation of psychosis driven criminal behavior by these leading Democrats. When this health bill was first discussed I warned all who would listen that we were in for a rough ride because the left will stop at nothing to achieve its corrupt ends. They are psychotically compelled to keep going, because to do anything less would be to allow a tiny spec of light to enter the dark realm of their imaginings. They cannot allow the fantasy matrix to collapse. Not the congress, not the courts, not the will of the people, not the constitution is sufficient testimony to curb their rapacious power grab, because they are right. They must be right. If not, they cease to exist. That's what we're dealing with. No wonder they seek a tacit ideological accommodation with radical Islam. They identify with the mindset, if not with the ideology itself. Impeach Barry, the self named, collective product of his own and other deluded people's sickness. Impeach BARRAK, as he has called himself. He's the leader of a faction of traitors who seek to destroy America. This isn't extremist rhetoric, just common sense. He wants to bankrupt America in every sense. That's not the mere byproduct of his agenda -- it's the heart of it. When Reagan pursued "star wars" and other costly defense initiatives it contributed to the financial collapse of our enemy, the Soviet Union. Barrak is the mole within our own fortress. Merely exerting control through all the unconstitutional legislation he's proposing wouldn't be enough. He must also bankrupt us and deplete us of hope, the very thing he promised to bring in abundance. Like all truly evil minds he says exactly the opposite of what he means. Peace is war. Freedom is slavery. Compassion is cruelty. Healthcare is government dispensed death. The Democrat Party has in fact become -- a death panel. Yes, they ridiculed that phrase when Sara Palin used it, but that's because it was so on the money. These people don't just lie, factually speaking, they say things that cannot be true. They seek to shut us up and intimidate us, while they continue to steal from the citizens the blood bought miracle that is the United States. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach.