Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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Glenn Beck responds to the 'rubber brother' Van Jones, who said he loved Glenn Beck in front of an NAACP audience last week. Recently, the NAACP has been rewarding 'rubber brothers' like the Nobel Peace Prize has been rewarding liars and idiots with no accomplishments.

Why is the NAACP supporting a communist, a racist, a liar and a supporter of Mumia Abu Jamal, a cold blooded cop killer? Did the NAACp just let that slide because the cop was white? Why would the NAACP honor Van Jones? He hasn't accomplished anything other than conning people.

EVERYONE with a functioning brain knows Mumia Abu Jamal is 100% guilty and the case is closed and should be. Mumia Abu Jamal should be six feet deep in frozen dirt right now and anyone who thinks he's innocent is a total MORON. Seek help...

What would Martin Luther King think about this? He would probably be sick to his gut knowing that the NAACP is honoring sellouts like Van Jones who support cop killers and liberal policies that harm the very same group of people the NAACP claims to 'advance.'

'White elitist' policies! Hmmm, what are they?

High taxes, government dependency, poor public schools, welfare and food stamps, promoting gay marriage and homosexual indoctrination in the schools, while discouraging religion and promoting the atheist agenda, taxing energy for a lie called 'global warming' and disguising 'work' as 'green jobs' that will do nothing for the environment or employment and abortion that kills millions of black babies; 'future burdens of society' according to most liberals.

For years these MOSTLY white liberals (Van Jones, Barack Obama, Roland Burris, Cornel West, Jesse Jackson, Marc Lamont Hill included) have conned blacks by supporting black mayors in the inner cities to 'fetch' their vote by smearing conservatives, playing the race card (lying) and promising entitlements and our favorite, 'social justice.' What a joke.. 'How's that been working out for the past 30 years?!?'

All liberals have contributed to the black community with their FAILED socialist policies are poorly educated kids, single mothers, high crime and incarceration rates, teen pregnancy and drug use. People like Van Jones and Barack Obama support these policies, so why in the world would the NAACP be honoring this liberal con artist and admitted communist? (Because the NAACP is no different?)

Liberals have been attacking religion and family values for years and it has contributed to the moral decline of so MANY black neighborhoods. If the NAACP would trade in their support of food stamps, welfare checks and abortions for a little conservatism, they might actually 'advance' something. Until then, they will remain the NADCP (D- destruction)

It's a shame that Glenn Beck has to explain himself and his comments on Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Carol Browner, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein and other radicals in Obama's administration. Americans have the right to know what kind of radicals President Obama is taking advice from.

The mainstream media wasn't doing their job and Glenn Beck did it for them. Like him or not, agree or disagree, people will thank Glenn Beck one day...

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