Monday, March 29, 2010


This was pretty funny. We like Palin because as annoying as her squeaky voice may be, the fact that she has a spine and the ability to piss of the progressive elitist liberal scum IS very impressive. She would of been much better leading this country than Obama, Biden, Clinton and McCain. We don't think any of the above are qualified to be President, but she was the closest and the only one who didn't lack common sense and rational thought. She isn't radical, corrupt, dishonest and she isn't a 'big government' elitist liberal. That's good enough....

We like John McCain as a person, but RINO's like him and Lindsey Graham need to go. This 'reaching across the aisle' to a bunch of corrupt, socialist democrats isn't going to accomplish anything good. McCain is a progressive republican; a 'democrat lite.'

We're supporting JD Hayworth.

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