Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Does the Mainstream Media Ignore Black Conservatives? Racism, Pure and Simple

Here’s a street poll I would like to see. In any city, on any given day, simply pose this question: “Are there any black conservatives in America?”

If such a poll were taken, I would bet all I have that the answers would fall into a very limited range between zero and the number of fingers on one hand.

Anyone who has partaken of mainstream media offerings in the past 40 years knows the answer that is expected. Of course, there cannot be any black conservatives, unless they are brainwashed “Uncle Toms,” “Oreos,” “house-slaves,” or just plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill idiots.

Even though this theory, on its very face, runs contrary to the proposition of anti-racism – that all human beings are individuals and cannot be rightly judged by the color of their skins or by any other racially defining characteristics – we have been urged by a racist media for decades to accept it. Pigeonholing all people whose skins happen to be black into a single ideological mindset is every bit as vile and utterly racist as was Jim Crow. Coincidentally, the very Democrat party that sponsored Jim Crow laws across the South is the same party, which now has successfully proclaimed through its media mouthpieces that people whose skins are black are not, in fact, individuals with the capacity for free thinking, but are still to be judged “politically” by their skin color alone.

Therefore, most Americans have bought the big racist lie that there are no black conservatives in America, save those unfortunate, misguided, stupid few.
What a poisonous brew of malicious poppycock. And it’s been made possible by the racist mainstream media, all the while parading in public as the saviors of black Americans. It’s so vile and hypocritical that it should make any good person sick. READ MORE...

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  1. Allen West please run for President as a Conservative Republican...I am a white gal from the south whose uncle was a member of the klan in the 50 and 60's...and I want nothing more than to be able to vote for a genuine true blue conservative who loves, and has served America like you do/have. I have sent money to your campaign and I will volunteer my time should you decide to run for President. I am sick of being told that just because I do not like/support/worship BHO that I am a racist...in my heart I know that that is not true...and I really have taken umbrage to the "racist" card being at the center of the BHO campaign and now his time in the White House. SOOOOOO please Mr. West run and show the progressives in both parties that the charge of racism is nothing more than what they use to control and demoralize the American voter into believing that America is a racist place...that may have true once...it is now a lie and they know it, but they must continue weilding racism charge to keep themselves relevant and us living in fear!