Thursday, April 15, 2010

ANTI-OBAMA CUBANS SWOLE AT GLORIA ESTEFAN: Miami SELLOUT Machine: Cubans angry at Estefans' Obama Love...

If Gloria Estefan decides to sing a tune while hosting President Barack Obama at her home Thursday, she may want to consider her 1989 hit Cuts Both Ways.

'Cause you and I are dangerous

We want too much and life ain't that way

Don't ask for more

Don't be a fool

Haven't we already broken every rule

The Estefans may have broken more than a rule when they decided to host a cocktail reception for the president during his visit to South Florida on Thursday. Estefan, along with husband Emilio, also broke a bond that had united them with Miami's Cuban community, whose members largely oppose the president's agenda.

The Estefans, for their part, have implied that they're simply using the opportunity to increase awareness about the Cuban people's plight. What's more, they note that they believe in supporting good candidates regardless of party.

They would have a convincing argument except for one very important detail: The event isn't merely a conversation about Cuba with the president while sipping a cortadito. Nor is it designed to raise funds for a particular cause or candidate they support.

They are hosting a $30,400-a-couple fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, and, by extension, helping to fund the entire Democratic Party agenda. It's a proactive, partisan stance that goes well beyond, say, deciding to sing at a presidential inauguration or accepting a presidential appointment to oversee a nonpartisan cause. READ MORE...


  1. Under this president (who finally broke the Republican stronghold in Miami/Dade), there's hope that this archaic Cold War policy toward Cuba will end. Hasten the day. Good for your Emilio and Gloria. She's still strong, determined, and, well, looking pretty hot.

  2. Nahhh, i just think the Cubans are smarter than you. They see the connection between Obama and Castro. They know what's up. What a loser.

  3. And I think the second generation of young Cubans in Miami are smarter than you.

  4. Estefans are no more than a couple more obama idiots. 'Nuf said.

  5. Shame on her she is a hasbeen anyway how soon she forgets that this country gave her the oportunity to have what hse has and now she can step up and give it all back to the Gov LOL go for it Gloria !!!

  6. Dear anonymous, you really don't know what you are talking about. You see the Estefans have forgotten why they are here in this great country, The United States of America. This is only the beginning towards why they are here. There was the "it can't happen here in Cuba", just like what the Venezuelans use to say, as I hear it every day here in this great country. People like you, drinking the Kool Aid, are the ones who are dangerous to this great country. Blinded by the light of the messiah and when they finally see through that blinding light they finally see, too late at that time, that the light was from satan and not the Messiah. This president, and I am purposefully not capitalizing president,is a communist in the same manner as Saul Alinsky. He is a disciple of Alinsky, and is implementing the Cloward Pivens strategy in this country. He is purposefully bankrupting this country like Cloward and Pivens did to New York in the 70's. If you like what the president is doing, you are free to move to Venezuela or better still to Cuba.

  7. The Estbans should invite Castro and Chavez and then it will be a three stooges reunion. Obama is the biggest joke and scam to ever arise in American politics. Cubans are so hungry to see freedom come to Cuba that they are willing to bank on the man taking it away from America. 51 years of Castro cannot be blamed on Republicans but on the Cubans living in the island. Power to the Ladys in White who have the courage to protest in the streets of Cuba.

  8. She'll be hot ---when people stop listening to her. She shoulda invited chavez, castro and awkmawdimwitjab...traitor

  9. The policy at Cuba that has to end is the policy of looking the other way after betraying an allie, like Cuba was before the dictator took control, thanks to kennedy, YOU DEGENERATE JERK !! As for Gloria, is not about the Republican party is about a free Cuba and at the end of the day her and her husband are nothing more than sell outs !!! Judas 1 and Judas 2 now they will share in the deaths of more Cubans and their freedoms. Blood gets burned off at judgement day, gloria and her husband will one day believe, for as the scriptures say "we will all be judged," and they won't take your own score. Just another couple of sell outs who made millions off the selling music they never really believed in !

  10. "Swole"??? Is that a Cuban word?

    [I heard your phone-in to Rush today.]

    "They are hosting a $30,400-a-couple fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, ..."

    OK, let's see if we understand the Democrats' position: Republicans are the "party of the rich", while Democrats are the "party of the working man".

    OK, if they say so ...

  11. "People like you, drinking the Kool Aid, are the ones who are dangerous to this great country."

    If I'm drinking it, so are you. You're just drinking another flavor.

  12. I'm a 2nd generation Cuban-American, born and raised in Miami, FL...myself and my peers and just about all 2nd generation Cuban-Americans I know are NOT Obama supporters, nor Gloria Estefan fans. I know there are more leftists among the 2nd generation Cuban-Americans when compared to the first but even their numbers are relatively few. Don't get too excited libs. Of the four fellow 2nd generation Cuban-Americans I know personally that voted for Obama, none will be voting for him 2012 as I imagine a lot of disgusted supporters across the nation will likewise.

  13. "Under this president (who finally broke the Republican stronghold in Miami/Dade)"

    Miami-dade has always been majority Democrat as well as Broward and Palm Beach. The majority of the Cubans are Republican but the Cubans are not the majority of Miami-Dade, they're barely the majority of Hispanics at 52%, the other Hispanics mostly Democrat...African-Americans nearly all democrat and the majority of white Americans vote Democrat, though that figure is above 50%...the white Americans in Miami include many transplanted Northerners most of which are leftist, and a sizeable Jewish population nearly all Democrat.

  14. TRUE....but now all of the independents, older democrats and some of those cubans who voted for Obama are not going democrat this time. Obama is a liar and a con man and they're finally realizing that. I like conservatives because they're smart and already knew this like 2 years ago, where as liberals and dems are just figuring this out..."unexpectedly" hahaha. duuhhh...

  15. why gloria stefan need to support the illegal immigrant, she can pay the bill if she think is o.k. that the mexican can living illegal here.
    mira gloria lo unico que ustedes estan interesado es hacer dinero que tipo de ayuda ustedes han ofrecido para tanto ninos desanparados que viven en mexico. dejense de ser unos lambones que ustedes no son unos buenos ejemplos para los cubanos y los latinos en general.