Monday, April 19, 2010

Bachmann: Bill Clinton Wants to 'Take Me Out'

'Michele Bachman, please run for President...'

We DO have a gangster government! It was the perfect description of the kind of government we have here in America. Bachmann tells the truth and that scumbag Bill Clinton attacks her. What did she do, turn down Bill's sexual advances?

Bill Clinton needs to go away, get a life, and take Al Gore with him. These two con artist's did enough damage to this country when they were in the White House...


  1. A gangster government? It was duly elected. I know losing is hard, but the votes were there. Too bad for you.

    She knows what she's saying when she calls a government headed by a black president a "gangster" government. She's crazy, but crazy like a fox.

    I live in Minnesota, we luvs our crazy Congresswoman from 6th District.

  2. Someone who suggests (no outright accuses) an African-American president of running a "gangster government" is talking one mother lode of trash. It's a shame she probably won't have to pay politically for it.

  3. Hey anonymous. Get your head out of your ass will you? You have to be the dumbest SOB on the short bus to believe that the Obama administration isn't a gangster government (perfect description!) of bullies and vindictive non-transparent deceptive thugs who bribe congressman for votes, strip money to certain districts and insult people exercising their freedom of speech, in addition to Obama being the most arrogant, narcisist, ignorant, immature President we have ever had. Even more than Bush.

    Now- I voted for Obama, and I'm truly sorry for that. When Obama ran for President, he said a lot of things that sounded damn good on the campaign trail. He is a con artist. I don't remember him saying during the campign, some of the things he is now doing. He is a compulsive liar. A corrupt Chicago style thug who promised change and instead, we got 10 times worse.

    How dare you defend a President who insulted even you pal. You're still a sucker, I'm not. You should be outraged at Obama, who only is accelerating the downfall of America far faster than Clinton and Bush.

    You are not man enough to admit you were conned. I am. You seriously need to get a life. I am a libertarian and I am nowleaning towards conservative candidates, maybe some veterans over lawyers, who can keep their damn word and uphold the oath they promised to keep. At least the right calls out there hypocrites while our dumbass party defends and celebrates their hypocrisy and corruption.

    Pat Cadell is a good real democrats and he is warning our now-pathetic party to stop the crap and wake up. So what does the left do? They attack him. It makes me sick..and so do people in denial like you. Youre a loser..and really need to wake up and educate yourself on whats really happeneing and not the bullshit MSNBC os feeding you.

  4. Daaannngggggg...well said....

  5. You're making up a persona, Raj. You're probably a teabagger. Always have been.