Thursday, April 1, 2010

Con Artist Hugo, Castro, Uh, Barack Obama, Mocks Media For Touting Poll Numbers Of Americans Against Obamacare: 'Idiots' Applaud For 'Corny' Obama...

*Somebody yells out YOU LIE at the very beginning of this clip. #awesome

*He calls John Boehner out by name, referencing his Armageddon comment, only to hear alot of boos from the crowd which he quieted.

*He likens his media opponents, who site polls noting the American people are still divided on the issue, to farmers who plant a seed and expect food the next day. He declares “it’s only been a week”!

*He says we must try the heath reform first and then see how people like it.
blah blah lies blah blah

*He demonizes Republicans again.

*He calls Olympia Snowe by name remarking on her contributions to the bill

I should note that on twitter it was said that Snowe was invited to the rally, but she declined.

Via the Right Scoop, this is as snarky as I’ve ever seen him; obviously, America’s cool reception to his world-beating boondoggle has hit a nerve. Forget the fact that if there’d been a huge spike in support, he and his lackeys would be on TV 15 times a day talking it up. That’s just politics. Instead, start with the fact that no less than Bill Clinton famously predicted that The One’s numbers would leap 10 points “the minute health care reform passed.” The actual result? The Democrats’ favorable rating is now at the lowest level recorded by Gallup since they started polling the question in 1992. At 41 percent, they’re actually a point lower than the GOP, whose brand has been in the toilet for a good five years now. No wonder vulnerable Democrats don’t want to talk about health care with their constituents during the recess. READ MORE...


  1. YOU LIE! that was funny!!!! lmao

  2. Obama sounded like an idiot at that rally. I was totally disgusted at his mocking of other Americans. He certainly has not brought this country together like he promised. Michelle should tell him to grow up. What a jerk. Great article!