Friday, April 16, 2010

The dumbest anti-tea party protester EVER! Five misguided protesters in D.C

At the D.C Tea Party, we found five anti-tea party protesters hanging on the corner and just couldn't resist filming. They were outnumbered about 25,000 to 5...

We have definitely met the dumbest anti-tea party protester EVER. Sporting a designer scarf and black beret in 80 degree weather and cursing in front of a four year old child, he tries to justify that socialism is good for America because he (claimed) grew up in a black neighborhood and D.C is a left-leaning town...or something. Huh?!? His sign had a burning cross on the back and we're pretty sure if he lived in a black neighborhood and had that burning cross sign on display, he would be protesting the tea party from a hospital bed..

The black man in the video is a Tea Party patriot who did a double take when he walked by and heard the ridiculous statements coming out of this kids mouth, so he decided to confront and school the creep.

His sign was hard to read because it was so poorly written. A first grader could have done a better job on his sign. In the picture below, you can see that this kid couldn't even tie his sneakers!

If this is what the left is bringing to protest the tea parties, we encourage them to keep up the great work!

This genius anti-tea party protester wrote on her sign, 'ANT-racist' and 'pro-queer.'

Isn't her sign using the word 'queer' offensive? Why is she protesting a tea party with a sign claiming she's anti-racist? (We believe that SHE thinks the tea party people are racists because Rachael Maddow, who has never been to a tea party, said so = idiot)

It's no surprise that 'dumb and dumber' left together after when they couldn't come up with an answer on how we were going to pay for all of these entitlements.


  1. The guy trying to defend the Cuban heath care system as being better than the US completely disproves his own theory. He said that the rich Cubans come to the US for their health care....Hmmm, I wonder why.

  2. My sister and I witnessed this whole event. By far one of the funniest things we have ever seen. If I were that kids mom, I would not be standing there beside him. I would be too ashamed.