Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flags Burned at Hateful Left-Wing Protest: No Media Outrage? VIDEO- Really Dumb Protesters And Mentally Disturbed Liberals..

On March 20, there was an anti-war demonstration in Lafayette Square Park, across the street from the White House. AIM went there to see what sort of activity was occurring, and as we show in this video, which was all shot at the scene of the demonstration, it was a mix of 9/11 Truthers, Code Pinkers, socialists, anarchists, and a large contingency of pro-Hamas, anti-Israel zealots.

The group that organized the protest, International ANSWER, claims there were 10,000 people there. Our estimate: 2 - 3 thousand tops, at least prior to the marching part of the demonstration. We didn't stick around for that part.

One thing for sure, no one burned an American flag at any Tea Party gatherings, but they sure did here. Did you see any reporting about the hate-speech and flag burning? I guess MSNBC was too busy that day.

The Tea Party protesters were recently criticized for "waiving" the American flag....

Where is the scumbag media on this?


  1. I was really disturbed by the mother saying her son served in the military and that the U.S. is causing global terrorism. Is she saying her son is a terrorist?

    The entire video was sickening.

  2. Get the hell out of this country then!!