Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hillary on Obama’s new nuke policy: If we’re hit with a bio attack, “all bets are off”

If this seems familiar, that’s because it follows the same M.O. as The One’s decision to order the surge in Afghanistan. He caught a ton of flak after that for adding a timetable to begin drawing down in 2011; it fell to Gates to do damage control afterward by explaining that a date certain to begin withdrawing says nothing about the pace of withdrawal or the number of troops to be withdrawn. Translation: Yes, they’ll throw the left a bone by pulling a few units out by the deadline, but no one should expect much more than that if conditions are bad.

Another day, another burst of anger over foreign policy, another opportunity for damage control. Would Obama really take nukes off the table if America’s attacked with bioweapons, as the NYT reported? Nah, says the woman who once hinted that a nuke strike on Israel would mean us turning Tehran into a parking lot: READ MORE...

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