Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hundreds Camp Out For Job Opps In Queens. Some Arrived As Early As Friday Armed With Blankets Hoping To Get 1 Of 750 Applications For Elevator Job

Desperate times call for desperate measures – even if it means camping out in the rain for a chance at a job application.

Hundreds of job-seekers did just that in Queens in the hopes of landing a coveted union job.

Construction workers, engineers, electricians -- hundreds spent the weekend right here. Many left with a job application, while many others walked away empty-handed.

"The sky's the limit after this!" said Aaron Johnson of Mount Vernon.

Johnson is living month-to-month, struggling to pay the bills, with a 4-year-old daughter to support -- and he was one of the lucky ones.

After three days of sleeping on the street, he left with one of just 750 job applications handed out for a position as an elevator technician apprentice -- a secure job with pension and benefits and an earning potential up to $40 an hour READ MORE...

NOTE- Expect more long lines to fill out applications as unemployment continues to rise, no matter how the Obama administration tries to spin the numbers and lie to the American people.

This is what happens when you put a Marxist minded 'community organizer' in charge of the United States economy. He recruits other Ivy League socialist radicals who have never ran a business or worked a cash register at 7-11 before.

Yea, this is going to get a lot worse...

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  1. Ya gotta love this Marxist failure. This bleeding heart socialist bastard, loves making the rich poor, and keeping the poor poor.