Friday, April 16, 2010

JUNK IN THE TRUNK: Racist militant Michelle Obama backs diversity on Supreme Court; Gee, wonder why?

US First Lady Michelle Obama speaks during a roundtable discussion in Mexic...

US First Lady Michelle Obama Thursday said she favored diversity on the nation's top court, wading into risky political waters as her husband weighs his second pick to the bench.
Asked in an interview with MSNBC television her preference for the upcoming nomination to the Supreme Court, Obama said of President Barack Obama: "I think he knows what he's doing in this instance."

"Diversity in this country is a good thing whether it's gender or race or socio-economic background or religion. You know, that's the world I come from," she said.

"The more views and experiences at the table make for better outcomes."

Obama has yet to announce his nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, 89, who steps down in June, although several names are already circulating in US political circles.

It will be the president's second nomination to the nine-member bench, who serve for life, after last year choosing Sonia Sotomayor to be the court's first Hispanic justice and only its third ever woman.

But the White House is already gearing up for a political battle as the nominee will likely face gruelling congressional hearings and Republicans could well seek to delay the appointment amid a toxic political atmosphere.

Michelle Obama said: "I have opinions and I share them with my husband at times."

But she added she thought President Obama "will develop a process in the same way that he chose the last Supreme Court justice that is thorough and thoughtful."

"And he's going to pick the best person for the job," she said.

"I think he did a phenomenal job in picking one of my favorite justices, Justice Sotomayor," Michelle Obama said. "And she is doing a phenomenal job.

"I trust that this process will lead to a similar outcome, one that we can be proud of."


  1. The first ladies statements are more PROOF that affirmative actions has bitten us in the butt.
    The police in the 60s should have shot those hippies. Now THEY have the reins of power and are steering us off course.
    How can anyone even pretend that Obama has good intentions for America? and why is it that this entire administration full of miscreants can manage to force their will upon the people of America, who are out in the streets SCREAMING to STOP?
    When and IF the sane regain power in this great nation, We are going to have to pass an amendment that will NEVER allow for the checks and balances of power to be so compromised.
    If we give an IQ test to those elected in the congress and senate, can we charge the left half with INSANITY? unfit to represent?
    Lord help us as we watch the purposeful destruction of our nation while the media lies to us and our numbers grow each day. Civilization has allowed for this tyrannt to destroy our nation.. We are victims of our own political correctness.

  2. Of course they want diversity - diversity of everything except opinion and belief.

    "Diversity in this country is a good thing whether it's gender or race or socio-economic background or religion. You know, that's the world I come from," she said.

    No mention of belief or philosophy.

  3. Jeanne Thomas WhiteSun Apr 18, 08:48:00 AM PDT

    You are racist PIGS

  4. Hey white liberal vermin bag... You are calling someone 'racist pigs' and just ending it. Care to explain? I believe the writer is black, and second, where the hell is the racism? I'm a black conservative, I'm hood, I'm far from a sellout- but I agree with this post. Whats your beef? White guilt affecting your mind?

    It's obvious that Michelle has the problem with other races- whites. So do white liberals who put their own race down-yet really don't want to give up their pie-they want you to give up yours.

    You a uneducated moron. You do know that right?

    How come all liberals disagree with the truth, then cry racism and run like little bitches? You just did that.

  5. Just like a liberal. Or a 6-year-old. Run in, shout "Nyaahhhh", and run out.