Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet stunning Americans looking to dethrone Pelosi. Contenders include combat vets, beauty queen, scientist, surgeon and former welfare mother...

What do more than 25 returning combat veterans, a beauty queen, a general surgeon, a scientist, talk-radio hosts, a political analyst, a former welfare mom and Richard Nixon's grandson have in common?

Most have never held political office – none are garden-variety politicians – but they're all determined to take back Congress this year from the hands of incumbents who they believe do not represent America's best interests.

The following are just a few unique characters vying for seats in the Senate and House of Representatives this year:

Nick Popaditch, decorated Marine veteran

Decorated Marine veteran Nick Popaditch, 42, a gunnery sergeant who was famously photographed smoking a cigar after the fall of Baghdad, fought in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm and, more recently, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He's hoping to win a seat in California's mostly Democratic 51st Congressional District – a district that runs along the border between California and Mexico – as a conservative Republican. The incumbent, Democrat Bob Filner, has held the seat since 1992.

In 2003, Popaditch's unit helped topple the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad's Firdos Square. He was awarded the Silver Star for combat action in Fallujah after he was hit in the head by a rocket-propelled grenade and blinded in one eye on April 7, 2004, during Operation Vigilant Resolve. The blast left him with only eight percent vision in his other eye. READ MORE...


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