Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Most Ignorant President in U.S. History. Impeach This Bum...

You would think Obama is an illegal alien himself the way he keeps repeating how bad the Arizona law is that um, makes ILLEGAL immigration, um, ILLEGAL. Duuhhh....

Is Obama worried an Arizona cop might ask him for his real birth certificate? lol

Obama has no interest in helping illegals learn English, wait in line, be responsible, blah blah blah. Why doesn't Obama just tell the truth and explain how we should give amnesty to illegals, sign them all up on welfare and other entitlement programs, establish 'social justice' and make sure they vote democrat.

Only an idiot would believe a word coming out of the mouth of this radical, ignorant, anti-American, compulsive lying President and STILL community organizer who specializes in attacking good American people who opposes a corrupt OUT OF CONTROL government. He's only good at printing money, spending it, and flying around on Air Force One making speeches and talking a lot of shit..

Give us a much longer will these idiots continue to get conned by the most ignorant, dishonest and reckless President in U.S History?


  1. I think he knows exactly what side to be on with this law. Who's pushing the Latino vote away? Obama? You don't understand that the legislature and governor of Arizona just gave him a gift.

  2. It's a gift to have a brain Anonymous. It's a shame that you don't use yours.