Tuesday, April 20, 2010

OBAMA ANGER: 'Dictator' Barack Is Swole After Gay Protesters Heckle His Speech. Cult Like Obama Supporters Applaud Him, 'Yes We Can' = IDIOTS

Why is President Obama supporting the elitist racist Barbara Boxer? Because she's a democrat, he needs her...

'Do you wanna come up here?' Is this the President? How unprofessional, what an embarrassment...

REMEMBER RACIST BARBARA BOXER? 'Intellectual Racism' is what WE call this...

Liberal translation: 'Look negro, you just know your place and listen to me because I'm smarter than you.'

Reason #322 we despise elitist, white, progressive liberals...(democrats)

Barbara Boxer's an idiot. She's a racist idiot...and we will never understand why most blacks vote democrat and give people like Boxer power..


  1. love the way you write! tellin' it like it really is. so true. i will also never understand why blacks vote democrat. like hope and change, hows it working out for them?

    detriot? anyone, anyone?

  2. I can't stand that woman. Mamn!!!! I can't stand you!

    How are the homos mad at Obama? They should know that Muslims don't like homosexuality. He lied to those idiots for their vote. I always said Obama was a genius.lol.