Tuesday, April 27, 2010

‘One S***** Deal’: Sen. Levin Uses ‘S-Word’ Eleven Times in Grilling of Ex-Goldman Exec

"How much of that s--tty deal did you sell to your clients?"

It's funny to watch the democrats, who caused the housing collapse with Fannie/Freddie/Community Reinvestment Act, which contributed to ruining the economy, talk tough against the same Goldman Sachs who have the democrats in their pockets..

How come the democrats are not grilling Franklin Raines and Barney Frank over Fannie/Freddie on CSPAN? Congressional Democrats successfully blocking regulation by Republicans of Freddie & Fannie the GSE responsible for pushing "affordable housing" to low income - no income individuals.

Thank you FOX News for being a true news network and covering real news. FOX actually does it's job, unlike ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS...

See the All-Star IDIOT cast starring members of the congressional black caucus of 'dummies' Maxine Waters, Gregory Meeks, Artur Davis and Lacy Clay, the gay prostitution ring leader congressman Barney Frank and the master dirtbag himself, who raked in 91 million dollars and a pension from Fannie/Freddie, Franklin Raines, Obama's homeboy.

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