Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PAYBACK? Obama Zombie Kal Penn Robbed At Gun Point In D.C. (Now he should know how most Americans feel)

Did Kal Penn say Obama had 'INTEGRITY?' Did Kal Penn say Obama's' not divisive or polarizing? LOL... 'How DUMB does Kal Penn feel now?' Maybe he really left the 'O' administration because he sensed that working for and supporting a total failure might not look to good, except in Hollywood. 'Thanks Kal Penn.'

Looks like Kal Penn's 4/20 is playing out like a scene from a "Harold & Kumar" movie.

The "White Castle" actor, who recently stepped down from a position at the White House, was robbed at gunpoint early this morning while walking in Washington, D.C., reports TMZ.

Penn told police a man carrying a gun approached him around 1:20 a.m. and took his wallet, along with other personal property, a source told the entertainment website.

Police are investigating the incident.

Earlier this month, Penn ditched his role with the Obama administration -- where he served as an associate director the Office of Public Engagement for nine months -- for Hollywood so he could resume his acting career.

Our Thoughts-

So Kal Penn got jacked in D.C. Well, we're pretty sure it wasn't a tea partier who committed the crime. Playing the odds, we would say it was probably an Obama supporter or an independent who robbed Penn. We're just saying...


  1. You are officially an asshole!! LMAO! Robbery is never funny, and you assume quite a bit in saying that the person who robbed them is probably not a conservative. The "conservatives" in my friend's neighborhood burned their house down because "they didn't appreciate n*ggers in their neighborhood"

    Yes, crime is soooo political party biased... *roll eyes*

  2. Well Jada....I believe you are either joking or misunderstanding the writer and/or maybe this entire blog. While I love blogs like this because they post facts and the truth and back it up with evidence, what keeps me coming back is the sarcasm, humor and the realistic opinions in the writing. I thought it was honest writing that the criminal was not a conservative tea partier and 'playing the odds' that would be the write prediction. I really don't believe the 'conservatives' in your neighborhood burned down a black families home because they didn't want 'niggers' living there. Conservatives do not do that, and you obviously do not understand what a conservative is. The KKK was ALL democrat, as our current racist skinhead and arian organizations. 'National Socialist Movement' is what white supremists support. They also vote democrat because democrats are the oppressors of blacks, and want them to be poor and stupid. Wouldn't a racist support that? There's an article on here somewhere about racists supporting democrats and Obama.

    Conservatives have treated me far better than liberals, the right wingers don't talk down to me like liberals do.

    Finally, I do feel robbed by the government. I work 80 hours a week in my business and almost 70% go to taxes (state-federal-property-sales etc) and I'm sick of it. So Kal Penn and these other Obama zombies are millionaires and do not really relate to hard work and struggles the middle class go through. To make 30 million dollars a movie and pay 8 million in taxes really doesn't cause one to struggle Jada, but making 100,000 and paying over 60,000 in taxes while raising 3 kids is a struggle, especially in New York!

    SO I really hope you're being sarcastic. I heard this guy on a radio program and I think he's a black guy, not sure. But he's a straight shooter and street smart. He obviously isn't drinking the kool aid and this blog also calls out republicans as well as democrats.

  3. Yes, because conservatives would NEVER be racist... OK...

    I don't care if the person who writes this blog is black, green or pink, they can still say some pretty ignorant things. Robbery is never funny, and no one deserves it, even if they work for/voted for/supported Obama. They are still Americans.

    I will never subscribe to one political party over another because whenever you are done with it, they are all politicians and they all serve their own purposes before ours.

  4. That is why it is important to be involved...I used to think that also Jada...but the reason that politician do some of what they do is because they do not hear from those of us who are not involved...there is but one way to make yourself heard and seen by the politicians and that is to be/get involved...REMIND them just who they REALLY work for! And you do not do that by NOT being involved or not subscribing to one party over another.

  5. >"Robbery is never funny, and no one deserves it, even if they work for/voted for/supported Obama."

    Jada, make up your mind. Are you for the redistribution of wealth or not? Penn was lucky enough to have a chance to actively and personally take part in one of Barry's main goals.