Thursday, April 8, 2010

Playing Politics With Mine Tragedy Already? The 'Left' Blames The Tea Party; CBS Blames Global Warming. Do Liberals Have Mental Disorders? (Yes!)

Apparently, the left will stoop to any level - any at all - in order to make a cheap political point. With the horrible accident ongoing and the fates of some miners still not known, the propagandists have already begun linking the West Virginia mining disaster to Tea Parties, global warming, and capitalism. Oh, and remember when President Bush somehow got blamed for the Sago mine disaster?! Surely, the Chosen One could have done something for these poor down-trodden workers…

Take a look at how this thing is shaking out:

Crooks and Liars: Left-Wing Blogs Link CEO With Tea Parties

Meet Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy Company. Blankenship is also on the Board of Directors of the US Chamber of Commerce. Massey Energy Company, Blankenship’s highly successful strip-mining and mountaintop removal operation is the parent company of Performance Coal Co, where a tragic explosion occurred on April 5th. As of this writing, 25 miners have died and 4 more are still missing. Twenty-five families are without a loved one. Four more may discover they have lost someone they love too. 29 families in all, forever changed by one single, violent event in a coal mine. One single violent event in a coal mine run by a company so obsessed with profit it runs roughshod over employees’ and neighbors’ health and safety. Here’s something else about Don Blankenship and Massey Energy Company: Blankenship spent over $1 million dollars along with other US Chamber buddies like Verizon to sponsor last year’s Labor Day Tea Party, also known as the “Friends of America Rally.” Here’s Massey’s pitch. Note how he makes it sound like he isn’t one of the corporate enemies of America.

CBS News: Bashes Mine Owner For Denying Man-Made Global Warming Theory:

“Believe me yet? Global warming is a hoax and a Ponzi scheme.” Those are the words from a Feb. 19th tweet written by Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship, who is in the spotlight following the deaths of 25 miners at his company’s Upper Big Branch Mine in Raleigh County, West Virginia. A CBS News review of Blankenship’s tweets since early January finds him railing against environmentalists. Blankenship takes the Sierra Club to task for tying up the legal system with “frivolous lawsuits.” He criticizes environmentalist activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for taking government subsidies for his solar business, “RFK Jr. says green jobs will replace coal jobs. He’s spending $1.4 billion to create 86 solar jobs. Massey employs 6000 workers. Do the math.”

Oh, I get it. Deny global warming theory - you must be a bad person… and … your mine blows up??!! What?

Associated Press: Link “Big Profits” To Deaths READ MORE... CLICK HERE FOR RUSH VIDEO.

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