Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sen. DeMint: Obama manipulating, 'thinks Americans are stupid'

Obama doesn't think ALL Americans are stupid, only the ones who support him.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) had some harsh words for President Barack Obama on Wednesday, accusing him of using the media to manipulate the American people.

Obama "thinks Americans are stupid," DeMint said.

From his interview with Radio America:

The president is the one who put the kibosh on working together, and now he's just trying to use the mainstream media to confuse the American people. The fact is I think he thinks Americans are stupid, and he's going to play this out until he gets a headline in every paper that Republicans are obstructionist. The fact is, he's the one who's obstructing real bipartisanship.

DeMint claims that senators were close to a deal until the White House intervened.

"I thought we were moving toward a good bill until Chris Dodd went to the White House," DeMint said.

NOTE- We might have to side with the President on this one even though Demint makes a great point, 'Obama is manipulating.' Obama doesn't THINK all Americans are stupid, he knows that 51% of them are. (See

We love Jim Demint, BUT there are a lot of dumb Americans with the power to vote. Just look who our President is! Maybe 51% of Americans are politically dumb. BUT, it's coming down thanks to FOX News, talk radio and the democrats worst enemy, YouTube! Obama is also helping Americans realize that voting for him was a huge mistake. You can also thank the Tea Parties, the most informed group of Americans. We would say around 40% of Americans are now politically dumb, according to polls.

Let's see how November goes..then we will know for sure.


  1. thank God for Jim Demint who speaks so frankly. The important part of his message is that Obama stopped bipartisan work on a financial bill because he wants to be able to further regulate community banks, taking them over in the end.
    We need to wake up before America IS Venezuela.. Obama is acting like a dictator. He does think Ameircans are stupid and he is right about the ones who serve in the democratic party in DC. They are so stupid to think they can go against the will of the American people, enabling Obama in purposefully destroying the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.
    Is he blackmailing them? he is using terror to get them to enable him? they are breaking the law each day as they ignore the constitution.
    Jim Demint, please continue to speak out to all Americans the TRUTH about Obama.

  2. Great piece Nick/staff-----

    Do you entertain the suspicion that there is something morally rather then intellectually wrong, and that Obama's anti-American bias is not in the intellect, but in the heart?

    There is a total absence of any demarcation between fact and rhetoric---(educated ignorance)

    Obama's exuberance of mendacity----Obama's supporters are puppets on a string---imbecility that is not even meek, ceases to be pitiable, and becomes simply odious---

    Obama's creed often obliges him to hope for the worst in men, so that he can exert himself in proving that the worst is true---his unworthy motives, for any thinking person, can detect his delinquencies----

    Nick/staff-------the tendency towards good in human nature is a force which no creed can utterly counteract, and which insures in the long run the ultimate triumph of that tendencey over all the dogmatic perversions of Obama.

    It boils down to numbers----and hopefully knowledge will over-ride ignorance----

  3. A fool is answered according to his folly----
    Come November-----Obama will be held accountable, like a theif must answer for his crimes----

  4. Obama----unscrupulosity of assertions---flagrant unveracity-----

    Idiots for Obama/Staff----A palpable distinct appreciation of the value of evidence----in other words, the intellectual perception of truth---

    Truth is the highest moral habit----this site customarily and habitually pratices it well----
    I speak for others as well as myself---thank you for all your efforts-----

  5. Russell G.
    When I read your posts I become less so.
    Your good for my blood pressure. I agree wholeheartedly with your premise that Idiots For Obama is first rate.

  6. Ditto, what Russ said. This site rocks.