Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just when you think Bobby Rush, Maxine Waters and Barbara Lee had the title of 'dumbest in congress,' here comes the new champ Hank 'the tank' Johnson. Hank is a shining member of the 'Congressional Black Caucus of Dummies' and he is 'representing' alright. He REALLY believes that if Guam gets more populated, the island will 'flip over.' This isn't a joke, this is called 'brainwashed by liberalism' via 'global warming lies.' This guy should be banned from voting on any bills in the future.

We're going to donate $20 to anyone who runs against Hank Johnson because this guy is dangerous. He sounds like a definite 'yes' vote for the 'cap and trade' tax bill which will really harm hundreds of thousands of poor black families, especially in the northeast. Why would Hank Johnson want to do that?

Does Hank Johnson think Chicago and Philadelphia will tip over too if they get more populated? 'Well don't worry about that Hank, with years of failed liberal policies destroying these cities, the population is decreasing with record numbers of homicides, abortions and people fleeing these democrat run cities for jobs because of the high unemployment rate.

'Great job democrats!'

This pathetic excuse for a representative doesn't even know the U.S Constitution. This is disgraceful. We shouldn't be surprised that this country is headed for disaster when IDIOTS like Hank Johnson are making the decisions in congress. His constituents don't seem that bright either, they're the ones who voted for Johnson. See video below-

How dumb are these people in the crowd? The general welfare clause should supply everyone with a cell phone, a Cadillac, a house and free dental too, right? How about a flat screen t.v and a laptop? Maybe an Ipod? C'mon dude!

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  1. Question: Was that man arrested by the police for speaking about the constitution at a townhall meeting? Were they real police, secruity, or body guards?