Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Yesterday, we revealed yesterday’s examination of Rep. Andre Carson’s contemporaneous account that he gave reporters versus actual video footage of the events at the Cannon Office Building. The video showing the congressmen walking down the steps unencumbered by the hostile, racist mob that we had been told was there proved that Rep. Carson’s description was exaggerated at best, fabricated at worst.

We asked our readers for any other footage and testimonials they might have from that day in Washington DC. In the true spirit of citizen journalists holding our government accountable, we received many tips. The following compilation further exposes the myth that Rep. Carson passed on to the eager media that day.

Elected officials (Cleaver-Lewis-Carson) who LIE and make FALSE accusations of racism (like they did) should be immediately removed from their positions and new elections should be held to fill their seat.

NOTE- Outlaw false racism claims

I am writing regarding Jean Towry's recent letter ("Outlaw False Labeling," June 24). I wholeheartedly agree.

We need to pass a law making it a misdemeanor to falsely accuse someone of being a racist. Make the penalty a fine of $200 or $300, payable to the city.

Too many times minorities falsely accuse another person of racism. To make a claim of racism there needs to be substantial proof.

I think that frequently some minorities claim a person is a racist because the minority doesn't like a decision by the other person, or they really don't want to be treated like every other non-minority person. They want special treatment and consideration.

I think our society is making great progress in abating racist actions and decisions. However, if minorities are allowed to call another person a racist without substantial proof, then who is the minority then?

B.M. Jones, Tulsa

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