Sunday, April 18, 2010

Was This Black Man Who Disrupted D.C Tea Party A Victim Of 'White Liberal Racism?' Does The Liberal Media Encourage Behavior Like This? VIDEO

April 15th 2010, Washington DC: Did all of the false accusations of racism from the liberal media encourage this black man to disrupt a peaceful tea party gathering in Washington DC? After several minutes of trying to provoke the crowd, he tried to rush the stage and was escorted away by police without incident.

Are the self-loathing white liberals in the media responsible for almost getting this unruly protester arrested? Do the white liberals send out blacks and creepy white liberals to protest and to do their dirty work for them? We already know liberals USE blacks and gays for a voting block, now they're using them to promote their liberal progressive agenda by attacking tea partiers?

It's white liberals (and a few black congressman) who fuel racism in this country by making false claims of racism that do NOT even exist in the tea party simply because they disagree with many Americans who are protesting an out of control, corrupt, reckless spending government, excessive taxation and massive debt.

It must be nice to be a millionaire like Keith Olbermann, who has never even attended a tea party, but it is HE and other white liberal scum who are responsible for this anti-tea partier disrupting a peaceful protest and almost getting arrested.

Watch the video below to see the king of HATE, Keith Olbermann:

Can you believe this clown? The more this douchebag opens his trap, the more popular the tea party becomes because it's people like Keith Olbermann, the liberal 'race baiting' scumbags, who people are really getting sick and tired of...

See response video to Keith Olbermann from Black Tea Partiers below...

Keith Olbermann also had the nerve to blame FOX News for starting the tea party! The idiot doesn't even realize that it was his network, NBC that helped start the tea party movement! See video below..

Bill Maher compares Tea Partiers to the Klan


  1. excellent. i totally love this blog! i hate olbermann, he's such an asshole. i can see he has ratings and all, because i even watch him, but i watch him in disbelief. i wonder if there are people out there on this planet who actually believe what he says. that's really scary. he's another elitist pig.

  2. In this ultra-partisan War of Words, everyone loses. Enough’s enough. We can disagree, but this silly name-calling hurts everyone.