Thursday, May 6, 2010

Al Sharpton: We Won’t Have True Social Justice Until Everything Is ‘Equal in Everybody’s House’

Why are these 'idiots' clapping? Yes, these people applauding Al Sharpton are true 'idiots.'

'Let's ALL live in cardboard boxes!' No wait! Let's ALL live in mansions! Word!'

'Who cares how lazy I am, or how hard working THEY are, who cares! Just give me my shit! Give me my social justice!'

Now do you understand why we call them 'idiots?'

It's why we call them 'idiots.' Sharpton wants his social justice, Peggy wants her free gas and a free house, college drones want their free college tuition, illegals want their entitlements that they're not entitled to and the Al Gore's of the world want you to pay for their ponzi scheme called 'cap and trade.'

These people have serious mental disorders...

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