Thursday, May 6, 2010

Barack Obama Doesn’t Care About Southern People

We have three, count ‘em three, disasters unfolding across the American South – east to west – and yet President Obama has done and is doing next to nothing about any of them.

Nashville, TN is currently under water. Floods there have killed at least 19 and done $1 billion in damage. The whole city is practically displaced. Where’s President Obama? He’s out there doing his usual insult comic schtick, while his Secretary of the Interior went whitewater rafting. Heckuva job, uh, Strickie!

Out in the Gulf of Mexico, a major oil spill threatens the ecology on the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida – all southern states. The Obama administration at first downplayed the disaster, then moved too slowly. Reports say that if the administration had acted with requisite urgency, up to 95% of the oil could have been burned away harmlessly. Instead, fisheries, wildlife beaches and perhaps rivers are threatened by this oil flood.

And don’t forget that in the American Southwest, from Texas to California, the border remains an unguarded mess. Mexico is fast becoming one of the most dangerous places in the Western hemisphere, as drug violence and migrant abuse (!) spirals out of control. Border security is, of course, mostly a federal responsibility, yet the Obama administration has over the past year systematically cut funding for border security initiatives. Here’s one cut. Here’s another. And here’s another. Looks pretty systematic to me. Meanwhile, the border violence is spilling into Arizona, so that state passes a law to try to get a grip on the situation. Obama’s response?

He called Arizona “misguided” and “irresponsible.”

Disasters across the American South, east to west, and Barack Obama either does nothing about them or actively fights against efforts to deal with them. READ MORE...


  1. I just took a look at the presidential election map. Seems like the states being ignored were red states.


    - Just some of the states that Obama didn't win.

    I can see why he doesn't like southerners, but he is the president now. He should be treating American States equally. Wait a minute, he is, he is ignoring us all!!!

  2. I wonder what Kayne West thinks of the flood in Nashville. I'm assuming that he's not worried about Obummer not liking white people.