Monday, May 24, 2010

DING DING! IT'S ON: Rand Paul Rips George Stephanopoulos: Your Talking Points Come from MSNBC, DNC

We have some bad news for all of the dirty white liberals out there in the media; MANY BLACK FOLKS REALLY LIKE AND SUPPORT RAND PAUL and his father Ron Paul, so get over it.

ALSO- Some more bad news for white liberals; blacks have over 30 candidates running for congress in the republican party this year and they're running as conservatives! (A white liberals worst nightmare next to YouTube and Michele Bachmann)

Playing the race card is NOT working anymore, but little wussy libbs like Rachael Maddow, George Stephanopoulos and David Gregory are still attempting to attack Rand Paul and make false accusations of racism just like they did to the tea party, and we all know that turned out to be a lie. In fact, it angered so many blacks, it was a great recruiting tool to join a tea party themselves.

REMEMBER- Many white liberal politicians and members of the media believe that most blacks can't think for themselves, as if their idiots because they might not have the academic pedigree of a snotty elitist liberal. Well keep it up conservatives are on the rise and hopefully, the white liberals making false racism allegations (and bankrupting America) will soon become a dying breed.



  2. i love the Pauls, hate Maddow. George has a short complex so he became a democrat. Kinda like ugly fat women who look hideous become liberals.

  3. White liberals lack naturalness and sincerity and are full of false sympathy----always take not of their inaccurate pitch, like a false note, and their mistaken ideas, like their false pride, and when have they ever been consistent with the facts, which comes from a false sense of security----they are "FAITHLESS", especially to themselves-----and the worst part of of their treachery is that they get played by the liberal-commie leaders they suck up to---