Thursday, May 20, 2010

DISGRACEFUL: Mexican Prez Rips America In Joint Meeting of Congress, Democrats Applaud! VIDEO: Rush Tears Into 'Idiot' Calderone For Hypocrisy

Democrats give Mexican president standing ovation for dumping on Arizona. Unbelievable!

I’m at a loss. I know they have to pander to Latinos ahead of the midterms, especially with amnesty D.O.A. in the Senate. But I don’t see how applauding a foreign leader — whose country is almost singlehandedly responsible for America’s endless immigration battles — for slamming a fantastically popular state law is a net gain in votes. They’ve already been saddled with the narrative that they can’t stop apologizing for America; you’d think they’d try extra hard here to simply sit in respectful silence while he does his shpiel rather than leaping out of their seats to grandstand. As it is, I guess they … really can’t stop apologizing for America, even when the optics involved are poisonous to their own electoral interests.

Orrin Hatch, who’s learned some lessons from Bob Bennett’s fate, fires away:
“It’s inappropriate for a head of state to question our laws, especially when the state of Arizona only acted in the best interest of its citizens and with the support of seventy percent of its people,” said Hatch in a statement.
Hatch said Arizona was forced to pass the immigration law — which compels state law enforcement officials to require proper legal residency papers from people they suspect may be in the U.S. illegally — because of the federal government’s failure to stop drug and human smugglers, as well as illegal immigrants, from coming across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Look carefully in the vid and you’ll see Janet Napolitano (in the blue jacket) and Eric Holder (to her right) springing to their feet to pile on. While that was happening, Rasmussen was pushing out its new poll showing 71 percent support among Arizona voters for the law, which is seven points higher than it was in April. And here are new national numbers from Fox News: READ MORE...

Rush Tears Into Calderone For Having It Both Ways On Immigration Law.

Why in the world do people vote democrat?!?

Mexican president: Of course we ask immigrants to show their papers

'Dumbacrats' applaud...

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  1. Q; Why do "people" vote Demo-rat?

    A; Liberalism is a mental disorder...