Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heckuva Job? Could Oil Spill Become Obama's Katrina? Even 'Douchebag' Bill Maher Is Mad At Obama..

Erratic Behavior of the White House may turn the oil disaster into Obama’s Katrina

The White House seemed to be busy with the immigration, education, financial reform and mostly political campaigning these days. The messages concerning the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico seemed to instill confidence that things are under control. We were led to believe that the oil spill was mostly a problem of the British Petroleum.

Really? If a spot can be seen from the space it is likely the spot is important enough for the National Security to be paying significant attention. The erratic info coming from the White House made people confused – as the time progressed we learned the oil spot is five times bigger than expected. They told us the disaster is coming faster just when it is about to impact the Louisiana cost. The Governor of the State finally issued an emergency and the BP finally asked for help from the Department of Defense. What took Bobby Jindal so long to call the National Guard? Common! Every person in the world saw the satellite images.

Remind you of something: disaster hitting Louisiana, military called too late – observing while the losers in charge cannot give a decent estimate of the problem for days, The White House waffling on the issue being afraid of midterm elections? Such erratic behavior brings a Katrina déjà vu. READ MORE...

Bill Maher: 'Why Isn’t Barack Obama Getting More S--t For This' Oil Spill?

Click here for the video of Bill Maher.

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