Saturday, May 22, 2010

BILL MAHER A 'TEABAGGER?' Maher Insults Rand Paul. Sucks Up To Dyson. VIDEO- Ron Paul Was Bill Maher's Hero In '07. What's The Difference?

Listen to the 'brown nosing' atheist Bill Maher criticize Rand Paul this week on his show because he doesn't have the ability to comprehend why Rand Paul doesn't want the government telling private businesses how to run their business. Stay with us...

Now see video below..

Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul have the same exact views! They're identical on the issues. So in 2007, Bill Maher was sweating Ron Paul's nuts and now all of the sudden, Maher is against his son Rand. We wonder why? Hmmm....

Can you say 'TEA PARTY?'

The tea party was not around back when Maher was slobbering all over Ron Paul and now that his son is supporting the tea party and the tea party is supporting Paul, Bill Maher has suddenly changed his mind. Bill Maher and other weak-minded liberals have been brainwashed that the tea partiers are a bunch of white people, republicans and racists. Keep in mind that Bill Maher has to make fun of white people and attack republicans because that's his talent. He can't defeat a conservative in a debate and he feels the need to insult white people to suck up to blacks (who just laugh at him behind his back).

Bill Maher is a white sissy and a spineless hypocrite. He practically gave 'rubber brother' and professor Michael Eric Dyson a blow job under the table on his show this week.

'Please mister Dyson, please mister black man, please like me. I don't like Rand Paul. In fact, I hate all white people too professor, just like you. I'm not down with them, I want to be your friend.'

How pathetic. But that's what Bill Maher does.

Michael Eric Dyson is a radical-socialist-racist AND a professor. He's also a master con artist from the suburbs of Detroit who believes that Tupac Shakur is similar to Martin Luther King. (The conservative MLK)

Dyson is a phony preacher rapper who 'affirmative actioned' his way into Ivy League schools. He can't even bring himself to admit that his own brother is guilty for the brutal murder he committed and is now serving a life sentence for. He still feels guilt over his brother being in prison because he's a 'lighter skinned' black man than his brother. As if that made his brother take another mans life. Huh-what?!? And this guy has been educating dweebs at Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, UNC and UPENN; scary huh?

Dyson has the 'it's all the white mans fault' attitude. What a credible person to have on your panel (or in your classroom) next to 'Real Time' regulars, Elliot Spitzer, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Cornel West. One reason we're giving 'Real Time With Bill Maher' the award for the dumbest audience on the planet. (Next to any members in the audience of 'The View' who applaud after Joy Behar opens her fat mouth)

Bill Maher thinks that because Rand Paul is against the government interference in private businesses (so are we) that he's a racist because IF a business chooses to serve whites only, they have that right. (Black businesses also have the right to refuse white people or gays, but he never mentioned that example.)

It's 2010, if some idiot were to do that, he wouldn't be in business too long. Here's a more realistic example. What if you don't want to serve a convicted child sex offender at your ice cream parlor or restaurant? Do you want him suing because federal law says you have to serve him, or do you want to be able to make your own decision on whether you should serve him or not? We like Rand Paul's view on this. The idea that Rand Paul is for not serving blacks at restaurants is ridiculous and it's just another typical played out trick by the scumbag left.

Maher also believes that Rand Paul is against the disabilities act just because he believes that the government shouldn't be ordering a private business to install several handicap ramps, ten handicap parking spaces and a $100,000 elevator. Rand Paul believes that private business should make their own decisions. EXAMPLE- Put the handicap employee in a first floor office, give them a handicap spot and a ramp as needed. COMMON SENSE RIGHT? If the government interferes, you have no business!

Bill Maher is a true 'teabagger.' The tea party doesn't want Bill Maher, but Maher does agree with some of the tea party movement, but he can't admit it. To do so, he would have to admit to agreeing with Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and republicans on some issues. If he does that, he's also out of business because his audience of retarded progressive zombies would abandon him.


  1. weird. he likes ron and doesnt like rand? they are the same. what a hypocrite. liberals..please explain this one.

  2. lmao! so true! you guys are dead on- you won't see this on yahoo news. you have Maher and Dyson pinned! Maher was supporting Paul a few years ago- I remember that episode. Now he's putting down the son who has the exact same libertarian views! What a joke Maher is.

  3. My cousin asked me if I watch the Bill Maher show. He said I would enjoy it, it's for liberals. He couldn't understand why I blurted out laughing. If there is one thing that does not go together it's liberals and intelligence.

  4. Bam! You really put it on Maher. I would love to see whoever wrote this on Mahers panel to destroy Mahr and Dyson!