Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SICK BASTARDS: Dems Raising $ Off Oil Spill That Killed Americans

Nothing is sacred. Not even death.

The DNC is now trying to raise money off of a oil rig explosion that killed 11 Americans.

On April 20, 2010, 11 Americans were killed when the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Now Democrats are using the tragedy that killed 11 and caused untold treasure to try to raise money.

The Democratic National Senatorial Committee today e-mailed supporters a fundraising plea: “Help President Obama hold BP accountable.”

Democrats are shamelessly politicizing a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of 11 individuals.

Making money off of the suffering of 11 American families. That’s just sick.

Maybe the democrats should keep scrolling down and learn something...

Maybe the LEFT should watch this video and stop pretending that 'terrorism' doesn't exist and that Bush wasn't piloting the plane. Liberals are idiots...


  1. great point! excellent comparison. i hate watching that video- i used to make deliveries in that building in 90-91-92. crazy..they were able to pull that off.

    well BP screwed it up for everyone. that's 'if' the left wasn't behind the rig explosion. the mine disaster. the nasa satalite incident. the chemical plant explosion etc..all within 30 days of eachother as they just try to roll out the cap and trade bill and off shore drilling announcement- way to coincidental!!!!

    liberals are friggin idiots..

  2. Idiots4Obama - Because insane conspiriacy theories are brilliant as long as it's not those goddamn libtards espousing them!

  3. Who said it's a conspiracy? I think it's true. And the left are masters at conspiracy theories. It's why they're idiots, like you.