Monday, May 3, 2010

U.S Officials: Times Square bomb plot appears to have “international links”; Update: Pakistani Suspect Arrested: Video: The Detonation, As It Happened

A Brazilian tourist was right there with camera rolling as the “firecrackers” in the back of the SUV went off. My understanding of the incident until now was that only the local street vendors noticed something amiss and that the cops moved people in the area way back before anything happened in the vehicle. Not so. As you’ll see, there were still crowds around and the firecrackers themselves were heavy duty enough to cause a serious boom. Listen to the guy off-camera shouting about the Taliban 30 seconds in; bystanders clearly knew what the risk was here. If you’re a New Yorker, especially a New Yorker who was in the city on 9/11, this is tough to watch. READ MORE...

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Official: Suspect in custody in NY car bomb attack and he's not 'white' like the liberal scumbag media reported, he's Pakistani..

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