Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ANGRY SISSY: Watch Obama try to talk tough, 'so I know whose ass to kick.' Obama tries using anger this time to con his dumb sheep...

Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar, liar. It's nice to see that Obama is at least in the mood to finally kick some ass. Unfortunately, he wants to kick everyones ass but our enemies. He wants to beat up Sarah Palin, FOX News, tea partiers and now BP. What a sissy. Obama's skinny liberal ass couldn't beat up Michele Bachman if she had one hand tied behind her back. Barack Obama is nothing but a fake ass con artist and a radical crybaby.

Do the 'idiots' NOW realize how damaging their vote has been to this country? Do they see the Rev. Wright 'anger' in Obama's voice? Do they finally see the incompetence and ignorance of Obama when he's not reading his teleprompter? Are they STILL too stupid to realize that Obama is a total fraud and that David Axelrod and the media conned the shit out of them?

REMEMBER THIS? Obama Criticized Bush For Saying "Kicking Ass" At Petraeus Hearing


  1. How 'Presidential' what an embarrassment. He is frustrated because he has no clue what the hell he is doing. What he is doing, let me help Barack, is ruining this country with his terrible policies and horrific judgement.

  2. Barry Soetoro needs to give it up. If he wants to kick some ass. He needs start with his own for his destruction of america. Now he wants to talk tough. We don't believe you Obama. You need more people. LOL

  3. hahahahahahahah I can't take it anymore----

    Oblamer is now playing the role of "DIRTY HARRY"

    The next time Oblamer bows and says plug that damned hole, Barney Frank should accommodate him--------

  4. Obama, is a Pied Piper, of delucive enticement, for the mentally challenged. They will have to learn the hard way.

    My ex-husband used to say I was shy and unpopular because I remained on the sidelines during social activity.
    We'll the little wallflower on the wall is now standing tall.

    I want a brave man not a cave man. By by dickhead.

    The mental muscles on this blog act as a pleasurable stimulant for me. Keep flexing them muscles Marcus, Russell G., Nick and the rest of you.

    Like champagne bubbles that go to my head,
    this site makes me grateful that I'm no longer wed.
    My ex-husband had a lot to offer,
    especially in bed.
    But when it came to politics,
    he made me friged instead.
    Now this blog can never take the place of a good man in the sack,
    but it beats by a long-shot my ex-husband Jack.

    Keep your great commentary coming.

  5. Far from flailing in his response to the environmental disaster, Obama has been way ahead of the curve all along. As early as a month ago, he assures us, he was facing the elements down in the Gulf, gaining first-hand intelligence from local fishermen on “whose a** to kick.”

    The nation should rejoice in being led by such a diligent a**-kicker in chief in this time of crisis.

  6. Old Spike Lee whats me to open up----
    Obama's daughter-----Daddy, have you found which ass to kick yet?

    The pressure is building on The Master of Diplomacy to kick some ass----

    Obama puts Robert Gibb's on the case----Get me Pee Wee here pronto, and if he's unavailable Michael Jackson will do, as Obama puts on his cape and his ass-kicking shoes--

  7. Hey KG----your site has energy. Your commenatary about your likes and dislikes was fascinating. Your brain is so active, how do you shut it down at bedtime. Visit this site more often and display the appraisal's formed by your mind----by the way your a knock-out---

  8. Just seen video of Obama for criticizing Bush for kicking ass. What a hypocrite!