Monday, June 28, 2010

Breaking: Court strikes Chicago handgun ban

CLOSE CALL- Four idiots sit on the Supreme Court..

The Heller decision now has a sibling. The Supreme Court reversed the Seventh Circuit in a widely-anticipated case that defines the reach of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in the case of McDonald v Chicago. The ruling invalidates Chicago’s ban on handguns and reiterates the Court’s finding that the post-Civil War amendments to the Constitution incorporated the Bill of Rights into law binding on the sovereign states:

Despite all this evidence, municipal respondents argue that Members of Congress overwhelmingly viewed §1 of the Fourteenth Amendment as purely an antidiscrimination rule. But while §1 does contain an antidiscrimination rule, i.e., the Equal Protection Clause,it can hardly be said that the section does no more than prohibit discrimination. If what municipal respondents mean is that the Second Amendment should be singled out for special—and specially unfavorable—treatment, the Court rejects the suggestion. The right to keep and bear arms must be regarded as a substantive guarantee, not a prohibition that could be ignored so long as the States legislated in an evenhanded manner. READ MORE...

Here's a great idea. Let's make it mandatory for all liberals in congress (and the courts) to have to walk up and down the streets of Detroit MI and Camden NJ at 2AM every Friday night until they get shot, beaten, stabbed or mugged.

Then maybe these elitist flea bags will understand the need for law abiding Americans to defend themselves from being murdered, raped or assaulted by the thousands of animals we have in every single state in America.

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  1. Gun Control has destroyed a lot of american cities. These elitist liberals think they know what is best for us. The only ones who would gun control are corrupt politicians, dictators & career criminals. Anti-american scum like Mayor Bloomberg cries for gun control. Meanwhile he can have 24/7 police protection. He doesn't have to worry about some criminal robbing him. The average joe & jane doesn't have that advantage. We have to fend for ourselves against a tyrannical government & lawless criminals.

    I have warned my friends about Obama b/c I have checked his voting record 3 yrs ago. I knew from then he was a gun grabbing globalist who hate freedom. He wants to turn this country into a nanny/police state. Look at his hometown in chicago. One of many cities that have gun control. 52 shot & 8 dead in 3 days. We all know it wasn't law abiding citizens committing such savage acts. SO MUCH FOR GUN CONTROL BARRY SOETORO. You have given the criminals more rights than the law abiding citizens. You have also giving the illegal immigrants more rights than americans by bashing the arizona law. Mr. Phony President are you the president for the ppl of this nations or are you the president of the illegal immigrants who violate federal law?