Monday, June 21, 2010

Could Florida Take Over As The DUMBEST VOTERS In America?

A new Florida Chamber of Commerce poll suggests Charlie Crist may be widening his lead over Republican Marco

Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek in the U.S. Senate race. Where other recent polls showed Crist barely edging out Rubio, the June 9-13 survey of 607 likely voters by the Florida Chamber of Commerce Political Institute and Cherry Communications found 42 percent backing Crist, 31 percent Rubio and 14 percent Meek. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

While it is a long way from election time (and this poll is much different than other that show the race closer) I have a question. Americans hate typical “politicians” those who will do or say anything to get into or stay in power. OK fine, so why does this election cycles biggest lying, cheating, say anything flip flopper have even 10% support. Disappointing.

If Christ wins, Florida will without a doubt become the dumbest voter state in America edging out California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan and Massachusetts.

The reason you might ask?

California-Barbara Boxer, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Linda Sanchez and Henry Waxman to name a few.

Pennsylvania- Chaka Fattah, John Murtha (dead) and the democrat dominated, bankrupt murder capital 'Killadelphia.' Also for supporting Obama after he insulted western Pennsylvania voters for 'clinging to their guns and religion,' while many anti-American union voters pretty much sold their fellow Americans and children down the river by voting for Obama under union threats.

Minnesota- Two words- Al Franken. Michele Bachman being elected to congress saves Minnesota from being the dumbest voter state. She would make a great President.

Michigan- Jennifer Granholm, Kwame Kilpatrick, John Dingell, Bart Stupak, John Conyers, Debbia Stabenow and finally, Detroit.

Massachusetts- Do we really have to explain? The voters of Massachusetts are beyond help. Not only do their votes hurt Massachusetts, with John Kerry, Ted Kennedy (dead) and Barney Frank, their votes have hurt the entire country, economy, housing market and even contributed to lowering troop morale!

If Florida elects Charlie Christ, they would EASILY take the crown as the dumbest voters in America.. It's bad enough the people of Florida have elected a few morons like Alan Grayson and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to congress, but electing Christ would take the cake and put them over the top. You really can't get any 'stupider' than California and Massachusetts, so let's hope Florida doesn't join the ranks of idiot voters.

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