Thursday, June 24, 2010

'Gay'-pride parade features 10-year-old grand marshal. 'Shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way'

A 10-year-old boy has been named grand marshal for a gay pride parade this weekend – prompting a family advocacy group to call the decision "child abuse" and urge the local mayor to withdraw city support for the event.

The American Family Association spoke out against Will Phillips' scheduled participation Saturday in the Northwest Arkansas Pride parade in Fayetteville, Ark.

"It's shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way," AFA President Tim Wildmon wrote in a press release. "He's obviously just parroting the nonsense he's been told by manipulative adults. For gay activists to trot out this child and make him the poster child for promoting unnatural sexual expression is a form of child abuse." READ MORE...


  1. Of course Fox news quoted the AFA on this topic and pretty much that, and of course the "Christians" are attacking Will and his parents with all kinds of sick and even violent language.

  2. Well, I am not for attacking the poor kid, but the parents should be attacked. As should Rosie ODonell that fat selfeish cow. The damage that will be done to thise kids..

    But we're not homophobic, I don't agree with that lifestyle, I think it's gross. But I believe gays should be left alone. BUT when they do this to a kid..even me, a non-religious person, would have to say something

  3. You know what - he is 10 years old!

    I have children his age, kids shouldn't be promoting any type of sexual behavior, gay or straight - they are kids! I can't believe this is alright with so many people.

    It shouldn't matter what religion you are, this is just itiotic. For goodness sakes, what the hell is wrong with people?!

  4. Anonymous you're so full of it.

  5. I also believe homosexuals should be left alone -- but ONLY if and when they leave normal people alone. If they are going to keep pushing their deviant deathstyle on straight society, especially our kids, we are going to push back. Christian, Jewish, Muslim -- here that doesn't matter because in this we are united! As for the 10 year old brainwashed boy, NAMBLA must be salivating.

  6. This kid has very bad energy.