Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LIBERAL HYPOCRITE: Feinstein on Judicial Inexperience, Then and Now. VIDEO: Kagan Lying Through Her Yellow Teeth. Supports Foreign Law

Feinstein on Judicial Inexperience, Then and Now..

Dianne Feinstein, February 10, 2003:

Miguel Estrada has never been a judge. So we have no record of judicial decision-making to examine. This is not dispositive in itself, but it is the first area where we find no record to help us in our decision.

Mr. Estrada is not a prolific writer. So we have no real record of writing to examine. Again, this alone would not be dispositive, but it is strike 2 in terms of where we can get information about this nominee.

We have not been granted access to the memos he wrote at the Department of Justice. So we can only take the word of the man who supervised him that those memos were ideologically driven and that he could not be trusted.

Elena Kagan has never been a judge. She is not a prolific writer. We have not seen her internal memoranda and correspondence from when she was Solicitor General.

And so we see in the L.A. Times yesterday:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) called Kagan’s lack of judicial experience “refreshing,” . . .

It’s just too easy. And I’m sure you could find examples of hypocrisy running the other way, too.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you long to watch actual kabuki theater.

If you’re interested in the snoozefest that is the Kagan confirmation, Jan Crawford has a number of videos at her Facebook page covering this and the gun rights case from yesterday. Check them out.

Kagan Bombs: OKs Foreign Law, Says Constitution Changes with Times

Kagan: Constitution Was Meant To Be "Interpreted Over Time" from RCP Video on Vimeo.

She's telling them what they want to hear. Senator Leahy is disgraceful.

Kagan: Citation of International Law "Appropriate" In Some Cases


  1. This woman has no business on the Supreme Court or anyother court, but I will bet that at least ten or more Republican will vote for her endorsement. Why do we suffer these fools?

  2. The republicans are in bed with the Obama administration. They want to act like they are against Obama but they are really not. It is all smoke & mirrors. I believe that once the GOP get into office in November. They will break their promises just like Obama screwed over his voting base. This is another reason why I consider myself a political atheist. These fools will go along with anti american Kagan & join her in wiping their rear ends with the constitution. This woman hates the constitution. She looks at it as a dated document that has no use for today's society. We have a lot of anti-american communists in politics today & that is what scares me.