Saturday, June 12, 2010

LOVE THIS WOMAN! Arizona governor to illegals: If your child is a U.S. citizen, take him back home with you...

If just some of the sissy men we have in congress had half the spine of a Jan Brewer or a Michele Bachmann, we could actually fix this country.

The excuse of not deporting illegals because it might 'split up' families is total bullshit. Like Brewer says, take them home with you then.

As for these idiot liberals who are against the Arizona law, what do they NOT understand about the word 'ILLEGAL?'


  1. republican politicians had better take a lesson from this woman... she is RIGHT!!!! America is worth SAVING.. it is NOT a 5 star all inclusive resort for ILLEGALS!

  2. Yeah that's why Arizona has racists (AKA Neo Nazi's, KKK, and the Aryan Brotherhood Movement) moving there in droves right now.

  3. Umm, no, Neo's KKK and Nazi's are not moving there you fu**ing moron. One reason is 'they're not moving there.' The other reason is, and we all know your are too fu**ing stupid to realize this, but Nazi's, the KKK (all 5 of them left in America- while you suck the dicks of thousands of black panthers you pussy)and Neo's=Arian brotherhood etc...ARE ALL DEMOCRATS and support socialist government. Man you leftist people are so stupid!

    If you hate spics and niggers, you support democrats...don't you know that you dope? Blacks and Latinos have been suffering at the hands of democrats for 50 years!!! They ruin their lives, their morality, their neighbrhoods their schools, their policies make for poor education, single mothers and high incarceration rates.

    If you are a racist, being a democrat is the way to go. They always have voted democrat. We all know that conservatives don't take to kind to racists in their party.

    Get a life loser.

  4. Go girl!! As a legal, tax paying, patriotic citizen of this country, I say more power to you!! Everyone who thinks this is wrong, pack your bags and head south, see if you can make a difference there, get going! And do those us who pay our taxes, serve our country and believe our constiutuion is just fine a favor, don't bother leaving a forwarding address and take your president and his cabinet staff with you!!

  5. Jan Brewer can beocme the liberals worst nightmare.