Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Now Media Says Obama Can't Get Angry 'Cause He's Black (Actually, Obama's 50% White) VIDEO: Why We Love Clarence Thomas And Despise White Liberals...

Clarence Thomas 'flips the script' and shows some justified anger in this video as he breaks down the racist white liberals in the Senate who didn't want him appointed to the Supreme Court.

The mainstream media is now saying Obama can't get angry because he's black. It's just how ignorant and DUMB liberals have become. Click the below stories if you can stomach reading them...

Rage: Why Obama won't and can't give you what you want

Can A President Be An Angry Black Man?

Dee Dee Myers: Obama Can’t Get Too Angry About BP Oil Because He’s Black

Looks pretty angry here, doesn't he??

The guilt-ridden liberals are about as clueless to Obama's anger as Christina Romer is about economics. Obama is often angry and you can see it in many of his con artist speeches like the one below.

Random anger in this video. We call it 'manufactured' anger and part of the con game he runs on his pathetic idiot supporters. It's so funny watching this video NOW when at the time most intelligent people already KNEW everything he was touting would FAIL, and it has..

Obama started his career as a community organizer, who are masters at manufactured anger. Obama was so good at conning poor people, he became a state Senator. His 'angry' speeches are why Obama was so successful at teaching ACORN thugs to do such an excellent job at bank intimidation and voter fraud.

ANGER? Now all of the sudden, Obama wants to 'kick some ass.' Have we ever had a President who has said anything even close to that before? It's especially odd coming from a President who is already a proven failure and a total obvious fraud like Barack Obama, who should not only be kicking himself in the ass, but also kicking the asses of all of the radicals that indoctrinated him his entire life with his anti-American- anti-capitalism way of thinking..

See the video below to watch 'blacks against Obama' BEFORE the election. There was anger back then by black voters and that anger has now increased by a boatload...

NOTE- The mainstream media better realize that there's a lot of 'black anger' out there already from working folks. They realize that liberals are oppressors of blacks and the masters of FAILED policies and always have been.

Liberals are also angering a lot of whites, Asians and Hispanics too.

But don't worry, there is one group who liberals are definitely making happy and they are called Muslims...


  1. Classic-----this nonfictional prose is a standard of excellence---

    Whoever wrote this piece hit the jackpot, and should win The Pulitzer Award----this is reporting at it's most masterful----Bravo---

  2. Dear Barack,

    What is wrong with you? Your duplicity is mind-numbing. You just got through saying that the language used by Salazar ("boot on the neck of BP") was not the language you would use and is inappropriate, and then you feign anger and upgrade your fury meter by using the "ass kick" phrase? Really? Really?
    It, like the language used by Salazar and Gibbs, is inflammatory, unbecoming of any government official, absolutely unacceptable, and completely UNPRESIDENTIAL.

    As the oil leak in the Gulf is a tragic and horrible situation, it does not call for such fomenting and irresponsible rhetoric that exacerbates an already horrific condition and draws more attention to yourself rather than addressing the solutions. If you're losing it, get some help.

    Your behavior, words, and duplicity is worrisome - it illustrates a person out of control and without the qualifications or ability to administrate or manage.



  3. i agree...excellent article..video...i notice with this blog has some useful videos to back up the hypocrisy of liberals and the humor keeps me laughing at my desk- makes my day.

  4. Oblamer is getting really really really really really really really intensely angry, and is putting his unflappable temperament on hold to direct his escalating rage and displeasure, his rising wrath and indignation, his fury and rising inner thermostat, are now being targeted on collecting ass-prints on his shoes so he can show his daughter the marks and ass-impressions his shoes gathered, so his young one can say to her classmates, my daddy is an ass kicker---

  5. The public is looking for a leader------preferably one that solves unsettled questions and sources of perplexity, rather then settles old scores---

    We can all agree that the Presidency is the most powerful office in the world-----
    This Julius Caesar wannabe treats the White House like a ward in Chicago----
    As the pressures mount and the battles accumulate on a daily basis and the political heat sharpens it's becoming palpable that this Caesar wannabe's impulse's are growing stronger as his constraints are growing weaker, and America's vocal utterances for caution and reason are being ignored---these are just the coming attractions of a tone deaf Marxist, compelled to deliver a final blow to the private sector---

    Until this Turd is replaced this country will pay a very high price----

  6. Come November, the only ass that will be kicked will be Obama's.

  7. With the help of high-powered binoculars Robert Gibbs is scouting Wasington for a ranting GRANNY that Oblamer can deposit his foot---it has become an incessant mantra amongst the White House staff to find an ass for Oblamer to kick---

    In the meantime, every day and in every way Sarah Palin is planting a spiked heel up Oblamer's arse---

  8. This site is remarkable in its magnitude, degree, and effectiveness in reporting the facts with all the pertinent proof attached. And the humor is an added bonus. Sometimes I laugh so hard my belly hurts.

    Glen T

  9. People are paying attention. Sarah Palin is a tangible visible representation of someone who loves this country and who's love is being returned by a growing number of people. Night and day, night and day, between the imposter at present who the military detests and someone the military admires.

  10. As reported by CNN---

    "Daddy, did you find an ass to kick yet"

    It seems according to reporter Robert Hobbs that even the children around the nation are waiting for a booty to be struck---

  11. Whats smaller then a horse and has long ears and is an ancestor of the donkey, and who is stupid, obstinate and perverse, and on the worlds stage make an ass of himself. Maybe the next time Obama bows he can position himself to kick his own ass.