Thursday, June 24, 2010

Obama: America's Deadbeat Dad

Barack tells us he wants to engage in a “national conversation” on parenting, coming off the heels of Father’s Day. Okay, brother, let’s have it: You suck as a dad. Yeah, yeah, I know we’re told that you spend time with your daughters, Sasha and Malia – shooting hoops with them on weekends and arranging tween celebs such as the Jonas Brothers to make surprise appearances at the White House. And you even boast that your regime is implementing a new initiative “to re-engage absent fathers with their families.” Fine: We’ll give you a vintage copy of the Communist Manifesto for stating the obvious – that dads should take care of their children. But fathering goes much deeper than that.

Barack, you are America’s Deadbeat Dad: And here’s why:

It’s incumbent upon fathers to leave their kids with a better tomorrow, to ensure that their children’s lives are more prosperous and rewarding than their lives were. No loving parent would intentionally saddle his offspring with an anvil of debt and liabilities, splurging profligately for the pleasures of today at the expense of his family’s future wellbeing. But Barack, that’s exactly what you have done. Your administration has single-handedly set this nation on a course where, not only will Sasha and Malia be drowning in wealth-destroying debt, but every child of their generation as well. To be sure, you have spent wealth that hasn’t even been created yet. As Sen. Jim DeMint observes in an exclusive op-ed on the pages of today’s HUMAN EVENTS, “The federal government will soon be paying more in interest on the national debt than we spend on national defense.” READ MORE...

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