Sunday, June 6, 2010

Obama, extremist cronies dragged into light for world to see. 'Manchurian President' exposé breaks through to No. 10 on NY Times list

A blockbuster book exposing President Obama's extremist background and outing the radicals crafting White House policy has skyrocketed on the coveted New York Times bestseller list.

"The Manchurian President: Barack Obama's ties to communists, socialists and other anti-American extremists," rose to No. 10 on the New York Times list. The literary indictment debuted on the list at No. 22 upon the work's release two weeks ago week and has been jumping ranks ever since.

The book also topped the esteemed Publishers Weekly bestseller list.

As WND has reported, the book has also been a huge hit with the online book retailer

Two weeks ago, "The Manchurian President" climbed all the way to the No. 1 position on both's "Hot New Releases in Politics" list and its "Hot New Releases in Non-Fiction" list. The book also grabbed the top spot among bestsellers in the Politics category and ranked third among all non-fiction titles sold by the retail giant.

"The Manchurian President" is the result of two years of solid investigations into those within Obama's inner circle as well as the president's shadowy younger years.

Among the many finds of "The Manchurian President"

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