Thursday, June 10, 2010

Palin: Chicago Thugs Not Doing Our Country Much Good. Love Her Or Hate Her, She's Right, Deal With It..

Sarah Palin on Obama II: “It Sounds Like the Inner Circle He Has Are Some Chicago Thugs & That’s Not Doing Our Country Much Good”

Sarah Palin was at her best tonight on Hannity.
She dropped the “community organizer” tag and “Chicago thug” line all in the same answer .
It was music to the ears.

Sarah Palin on Obama’s Top Advisors:
“It sounds like the inner circle he has around him are some Chicago thugs… And, that’s not doing our country that much good.”


  1. God bless Sarah Palin and Please God, ,wake the American people up to listen to her WISDOM..
    America can be saved with a leader like Sarah.

  2. I agree. Sarah Palin for president.