Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poll shocker! Majority wants Obama records. Maintain president should be chased from office if he doesn't come clean

At a time when Barack Obama is getting heat for stonewalling information about an alleged administration bribery scandal, a new poll shows more Americans than ever suspect the president is hiding information about his own background and want him to come clean.

Questions about Obama's eligibility to be president, exacerbated by his refusal to answer questions, release ordinary background documentation and his extraordinary legal maneuvers to keep his background hidden, have been on the radar of a number of top-level investigative reporters and news organizations since before his election.

Essentially, while the Constitution requires a president to be a "natural born citizen," none of the questions about Obama's qualifications – or lack thereof – under that requirement have yet been answered.

"Simply put, this question about Obama's legitimacy as president is undermining everything he does in the minds of millions of Americas," wrote Fritz Wenzel of Wenzel Strategies in an analysis of his results. READ MORE...


  1. chase him from office and then LOCK UP ALL HIS COMRADES FROM SOROS TO THE MSM PARROTS OF PROPAGANDA... and never ever again will the American people believe such lies as they have been told to get an America hater in the whitehouse..!!!!

  2. He will NEVER release anything ! What is he hiding ?