Monday, June 7, 2010

SERIOUSLY?!? Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden Had a Super Soaker Fight Yesterday. This Administration is an Embarrassment; A Total Joke..

God, what we would give to be Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden. Not because of their jobs, which seem super stressful. But while we were working, they had an awesome squirt gun fight. More summer-fun pics inside.

These pictures were uploaded to twitter by CNN's Ed Henry, from a party hosted by the VP. Above, you can see Emanuel, with Biden in hot pursuit. Here is Biden and a little girl in a showdown. She said something bad about trains:

These little kids are attacking Biden. They were told Obama was going to be there: READ MORE...

NOTE- Don't worry about the 18% unemployment rate, the 13 trillion dollar-and-growing national debt, the nuclear threat from Iran, Syria, N. Korea and terrorism, don't worry about the dollar collapsing and the stock market plunging or that pesky oil leak in the gulf... it's all good..


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