Thursday, June 3, 2010

STEALTH ATTACK! How the left took over America piece by piece – schools, media, churches, now government

The realization is shocking to millions of Americans. They struggle to understand it. It just seems impossible this could happen in the freest nation on Earth.

It's particularly tough on veterans, who fought, bled and sometimes died in far-off lands to halt the spread of a malignant ideology called "Marxism," "Communism" or "Socialism." They remember fighting in Korea and Vietnam, and then the Cold War, and they remember President Reagan presiding over the demise of the "Evil Empire" and the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, met by jubilation throughout the free world. Marxism had failed!

Yet today, as if awakening from a long dream, Americans are splashing cold water on their faces, rubbing their eyes, and taking a very hard look at their troubled nation – and what they see appalls them: Their government has somehow fallen into the hands of people in thrall to the very same destructive ideology they fought overseas.

And the trauma of Obama's ongoing "fundamental transformation" of America is rousing millions to an even more alarming reality: Virtually all of our nation's major institutions – from the public education system to our colleges and universities, from the news media to the entertainment industry, from the unions to our major philanthropic foundations, even many of our churches – have somehow been captivated by this same leftist ideology.

The incredible but true story of how all this happened is laid out as perhaps never before in the June issue of Whistleblower, titled "STEALTH ATTACK: How the Left took control of America piece by piece – schools, media, churches, and now government. READ MORE...


  1. Great Article-------------

    Der Fuhrer Turd, and his band of commies have proceeded furtively, secretly and imperceptibly, but not unobstrusively as The Turd's Marxism has finally hit the radar screens----and that can be attributed to The Turd's hubris and exaggerated pride---- what was going on surreptitiously just under the radar has floated up from the American-snooze-naivete---and the alarm is ringing loud and clear that we have a communist in the White House-----

    Now that the cat is out of the bag-----my money is riding heavily on the American public to pound and grind these deployable bastards into dust, like crushing rock---and to subdue completely their rebellion, and squeeze the mass of them, like crushing grapes---

  2. Come November this PRICK will be castrated, neutered by the American public----

    And like Hitler and his book Mein Kamp this Prick's struggles will be just beginning---
    Payback will be a bitch for this bitch--------

  3. i agree, one nut at a time real slowly