Saturday, June 12, 2010

TRANSPARENCY? WATCH: Gibbs Can't Answer Why Obama Skipped Oil Rig Memorial. WTF?!?

This is effin 'change?' It's why we call Obama supporters 'idiots.' This isn't top fu**ing secret information, it's a simple question! Unbelievable...

The families of the victims of the Deepwater Horizon explosion held a memorial for their loved ones recently, 11 workers that have yet to be found after the oil rig exploded at sea and left an open oil well running into the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, President Barack Obama was fulfilling his duties as guest at a fundraiser. Robert Gibbs had to field questions in today’s White House briefing about why the President skipped the event, and had very few answers.

Specifically, he was asked why he didn’t go in light of his appearance at a memorial for the victims of a coal mine disaster earlier in the year. “When the miners died in West Virginia, the president went to the memorial service. There was a memorial service last month for the victims of the BP disaster. Why didn’t the president go to that?”

The only answer Gibbs could give was that he didn’t have any. “I don’t look at schedules. I don’t know the answer.”

The president did meet with the families of the victims later on and, according to a White House statement, “expressed his condolences and told (the family members) that he, the first lady and the entire administration are behind them and will be there long after the cameras are gone as they go through their unimaginable grief.”

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  1. I'm glad when he stays away from patriotic and sacred events like this one or the Arlington cemetery on Memorial Day. Him showing up only defiles honorable gatherings.