Monday, June 21, 2010

WASTE 101: Obama’s Federal Trade Commission plans to bail out failing liberal news organizations with $35 billion of YOUR tax dollars!!

You would think that the Far Left’s blatant attempts to obliterate the
U.S. Constitution would be newsworthy, wouldn’t you?

Instead, the liberal media applaud efforts by the Obama administration
to trample on the First Amendment and abuse executive power.

Last week, President Obama’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed
their plans to bail out failing liberal news organizations with $35
billion ... of our tax dollars! They call this “reinventing journalism.”
(You may have noticed a pattern here – when liberals say they want to
reinvent something, they always mean they want to take it over!)

This is nothing less than an attempt to seize control of the press – a
clear violation of the First Amendment! It just doesn’t get any more
anti-American than this. This is something we would expect in the Soviet
Union, or Nazi Germany. But in the United States of America?!

Then we hear the president on national television saying that he’s going
to “inform” the chairman of BP that he must surrender the company’s
money to give to people and businesses harmed by the oil spill.

Where in the Constitution is the president given the authority to seize
the assets of a private company? But more to the point – why aren’t the
so-called “news” media asking this question?

These are just two recent examples of assaults on our Founding
Principles. Every day, our Constitution is being cast aside by
emboldened progressives committed to reshaping our nation. And the
liberal media are willing accomplices every step of the way. READ MORE...

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