Monday, June 28, 2010

WATCH Diane Watson, The Race Baiting Political Whore, Get RIPPED By Black Minutemen Member..

In this video, Luis Rodriquez, Special Council to the Public Defender, gets the ball rolling with The Race Card and others jump in. U.S Congressman Diane Watson is a race-baiting, political hack that whores herself out to special interest groups and radical left wing causes. She claims the Minutemen are the equivalent of the KKK.

They claim that blacks and Latino's are not united because of anti-illegal immigration groups like the Minutemen. Original Minuteman member, Marvin Stewart, calls her on her seditious betrayal of American citizens and feeble minded Assemblyman Mervyn"

She's comparing rebuilding New Orleans to the border fence! What a dope. Why do we give these racist lunatics and anti-American toilet bugs like Diane Watson so much power? Her district is in Los Angeles, which might explain the stupidity of the voters there. L.A. always has and always will be one giant shithole as long as they side with democrats (communist-socialist-Marxist progressives).

The state of California is bankrupt because of the city of Los Angeles and politicians like Diane Watson, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Please stop voting democrat! Click here to see Watson's socialist/communist ties.

Watch Watson praise Castro, who has to be laughing at the idiocy of the members of the 'Congressional Black Caucus of Dummies.'

At 1:25 of this video, you will listen to the dumbest, most ignorant politician in America praise Fidel Castro and his (horrible) health care system. How in the world do people like Watson get elected? It's unbelievable! Click here to see the real Cuban health care system, not the one facilty for the Cuban elites. (Coming to America soon)

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