Thursday, July 15, 2010

100% GHETTO: This is what happens when you put a dishonest, race baiting idiot on a discussion panel...

Dana Loesch is one smart cookie. She makes a great point about the tea party policing their own unlike the NAACP and the democratic party.

Nancy Giles on the other hand is an idiot. She's an angry woman who got pretty ghetto on Dana Loesch for interrupting her. The tone sounded a little racist.

How can Dana not interrupt her? That lie about Rep. Lewis being spit on is recycled so often and it just didn't happen. Nancy Giles also lied about so-called 'black rallies' and tea partiers bringing guns to them. What 'black rallies?'

At one tea party a BLACK libertarian came with his gun and a liberal news network cropped his head off and got busted trying to pass him off as a white guy. At another tea party, another LIBERTARIAN had a pistol. So what? About half the U.S. population are registered gun owners and they're not out there shooting people. He wasn't their to assassinate Obama.

Since when does a 50% white President speaking qualify as a 'black rally?' Nancy Giles is a moron.

Now let's get to Ben Stein. Ben Stein is NOT a true conservative, he's a 'moderate.' The tea party will not hurt the republican party and the democrats are playing the race card because the tea party has HELPED true conservatives get elected and that's a major threat to the destructive democrat party.

Larry King needs to take control of his show and let people like brainwashed liberal Stephanie Miller know that calling a tea partier a 'teabagger' is not the proper way to win a debate. It's also why she has a listening audience of around 500 people.


  1. The problem I see with very fine folks like Loesch and R.I.N.O.s like that demented fool Stein is that they don't call these LIBTARDS what they are to their faces, LIARS!!

    People like Loesh and others need to have a PDA/smartphone handy that documents previous lies, slanders, and libels by these LIBTARDS...

    Loesch should've brought up the Condolezza Rice/Aunt Jamima and the Bush/Hitler incidents (of which they're were a lot!) and rudely kicked in back into the faces of these pathological lying LIBTARDS...

    One has to remember that facts WILL ALWAYS undercut that stance of a LIBTARD regardless of the topic at hand...

  2. Dana only got less than a minute to speak, search her videos on youtube and watch her. she destroys Princeton professors Chris Matthews and more. she is far from a RINO and has a damn computer in her head. I have never seen a conservative argue this good before. she's really smart and she uses facts.

  3. Ben Stein was right to stand up about the guns. I wish he would have done a better job of it, but at least he said something.

    And since when is it a crime to carry a gun at a rally? If you have a permit to carry, you can carry your gun. It does not mean you are a racist.