Monday, July 12, 2010

'Airhead' Democrat Filmmaker Claims Obama Stole The Election In Her Documentary..

Maybe this woman just another bitter PUMA nut, but she does provide some credible interviews and we have already seen the tactics by Obama's friends ACORN and the New Black Panther party at the polls. We have also seen voter registration cards with dead people and the Dallas Cowboy football teams names on them. There are witness interviews from former ACORN workers who admitted going to the library and registering random names in the phone book. We do know Obama is a believer in the Cloward-Piven strategy. We do know that Obama wants you to 'get in the faces' of any opposition. We did witness Al Franken STEAL the Senate election against Norm Coleman in Minnesota. So what took this 'airhead' so long?

Gigi Gaston is your typical Massachusetts liberal and Hillary supporter which makes us skeptical of her intelligence despite the possibility her documentary may prove Obama is guilty of voter intimidation. It isn't that hard to prove, just check out our ACORN section on this site, we have already proved it.

PUMA supporters are ALMOST as dumb as Obama supporters. Hillary Clinton isn't much different from Barack Obama in that she's a radical with no executive experience who spent a short time in the Senate doing nothing but killing jobs, raising taxes and supporting abortion while claiming to be a moderate. Like Barack Obama, she's a Saul Alinsky student and a socialist who again, like Obama, wanted a disastrous health care system run by a bunch of radical, incompetent, government bureaucrats.

'But she's such a strong intelligent woman!' (No, actually she's not..)

Hillary Clinton is not a 'strong' woman, she's a weak woman who rode her lying cheating husbands coattails directly to a Senate seat she didn't deserve in a state she didn't even live in before. A 'STRONG' woman would have left Bill Clinton for cheating on her and became successful on her own, not stuck around for political ambition.

Even as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is a joke and foreign leaders laugh at her behind her back. She's also weak...

We already know that Obama and his 'Chicago style' thug tactics were used at the polls. It's all over YouTube! and all over this site. This documentary is a little too late. She should of read 'Stealing Elections' by John Fund who already exposed this BEFORE the elections in 2004! The idiots just didn't want to listen. Instead, liberal democrats attacked John Fund which is just another example why liberals are idiots.

If he believes in the 2nd amendment, why did he nominate anti-gun activist candidates like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court? Why did he raise taxes on small businesses like tanning salons, who clearly don't make $250,000 a year?

HINT- It's because Barack Obama is a compulsive liar. It's why his current supporters are idiots.

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  1. Um, Obama's crew used this crap with me in Indianapolis... they called me and ridiculed me for being Black and not wanting to vote for him. I told them not to call me again, they called 2 other times, the last time I got ugly with them.

    The first time they called, and I told them that I would not support a Democratic candidate, they asked me why, I told them, then asked them why they support Obama, they could not give any answer, except, "he's about hope and change", the exact same thing the next 2 people said - like they were reading from a script! - they don't think for themselves!

    It is so sad... and America fell for it!