Thursday, July 8, 2010

AMNESTY FOR IDIOTS? Should we give 'amnesty' to Obama supporters? www.AmnestyForIdiots.Com

When we started in 2008, we were 100% sure that people who voted for Barry Soetoro, AKA 'Barack Hussein Obama' would soon realize that they had made a HUGE mistake. These 'idiots' didn't care about Obama's agenda, past radical affiliations, senate voting record, accomplishments, executive experience or his Chicago style corruption tactics. They just drooled over the cool, articulate, charismatic con artist like the Branch Davidian cult members drooled over David Koresh. It was so pathetic to watch...

Some people had BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) others had white guilt, but most were just plain stupid. They made the effort to go vote for a Marxist knowing nothing of his background or what a Marxist even is. The pathetic liberal media slobbered all over Obama and these voters just took the bait. If they had a functioning brain, a computer, some pride and cared about the direction of this country, they could have done 20 minutes of research and figured out who Obama really is.

Obama is an anti-American con artist. He's a radical, vindictive, corrupt, compulsive liar who is intentionally destroying this country. He doesn't care about YOU. He's a typical elitist liberal with an evil side to him, and we're now finding that out.

The evidence is ALL OVER this website. How much more evidence do these idiots need?

Some Obama supporters are just not paying attention, others would love to see America become a communist nation, some are brainwashed and many of them have mental disorders.
BUT- If you regret your support for Obama as of July 4th 2010, we might be willing to give you AMNESTY.

We still have way too many idiots in America today who are more concerned about where Lebron James is going to play basketball and the Lindsay Lohan jail sentence on the SAME DAY that our radical anti-American President gave a recess appointment to a Marxist who supports wealth redistribution and health care rationing! Do these Obama supporters care about this decision? Do they even care about their parents and grandparents? Do they care that the deficit is close to 19 trillion dollars? Who cares where Lebron is playing, these people better wake up and fast.

Any idiot who wants amnesty, tell us why we should give it to you...

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UPDATE- As of right now, NO amnesty will be granted. The massive amount of damage that has been done because of Obama supporting idiots, will take decades to repair. That is 'IF' we even have a chance to fix it.

Even now with skyrocketing unemployment, massive reckless spending, record high deficits, the oil spill in the gulf and illegal immigration out of control, Obama seems more concerned appointing radical scumbags to his administration, touring the country to lie about his economic recovery, ignoring the gulf, refusing to visit Arizona and then suing them. And that's only a few examples of what this moron is doing, so NO AMNESTY...


  1. great idea. haha good luck, they wont admit they're wrong. they're in hiding! embarrassed. I say no amnesty. no way.

  2. NO-LET THEM SUFFER- OR- let them apologize but I do not see them doing it. They will say there's hope and change coming. Yea right

  3. There is no need to pardon a large group of deceived individuals---they are alrealy going through a state of self-conscious distress and embarrassment for being ensnared by a false and invalid "Turgid Turd"-----I know this for a fact.

    What a difference a year makes---last year at my cousin's Forth of July barbeque 9 out of 20 people there supported Obama----
    This year---16 out of 17 not only detested Obama but admitted to being embarrassed that they voted for him----this is going on across the country---forget the polls, it is much worse for Obama then the polls are letting on----it's a black thing----many people polled don't want to be perceived as being racist so they tell little white lies----wait till November----and the full extent of the countries anger will be of full display--------

    Your Amnesty for idiots commentary is sensational, it's glittering and distinguished once again by your distinctive soil rich moulding of the truth----this site is UNTOUCHABLE-----

  4. No Amnesty! You do the CRIME You do the Time!

  5. good answer. no! not yet anyway. unless every obama supporter shows up with a 'i was an obama idiot' t shirt at a tea party, i say no way jose!

  6. These kool aid drinkers are so arrogant. They rather see the constitution die than admit their mistake. I know from experience trying to reason with these people. I wouldn't be surprise these fools vote Obama back to the white house during the 2012 election. If Obama wins again. America is doomed.

  7. amnesty right now. no way. pay us reparations and then give them amnesty, ha!